Thursday, October 25, 2012

Through the Looking Glass

Price is everything...or is it? Take a look at this article for an eye opening view of the Travel Agent's mind-set.

Friday is almost here! Tomorrow, Destinations will be rockin' our Razorback apparel and celebrating with a Gusano's complementary pizza lunch from Airways Freight. Aren't our lives just hard? Please pity us, and forgive us of our incessant whining.

Halloween parties commence this weekend. Do you have a killer costume picked out and ready to go? This girl is going as "Sailor Mars" from my childhood days. Probably couldn't be more excited.

My children (four legged) have their very first vet appointment today. I'm one nervous momma. :/ What do I do if they aren't 100% perfect and healthy?! Someone hand me the brown paper bag now...breathe...

Keep calm, and travel on.

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