Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Another exciting day here at Destinations.

Europe is on the brain today! Already two new clients have called to start planning their trips overseas this morning.

I, personally, have taken on two new honeymoons this past week. :) Congrats to all the future newlyweds out there.

Charles managed to lock himself in the upstairs bathroom yesterday. Apparently he got bored during his stay in the lavatory, and decided to eat everything in sight. I am now out two toothbrushes, a toilet bowl cleaner, a hair brush, and the toilet paper roll-holder-thing. I give fair warning now, while bloodhounds might be incredibly cute and smart, I advise you to go for the less-intelligent dogs. (They don't get too bored when locking themselves in small areas). Prue, of course, was sitting patiently on the couch when I arrived home, with no household victims to speak of.

Speaking of the animals, I need to call the vet. Have you all taken your critters to have a check-up lately?

How many horses can you fit into one stall? heehee.

Look at those cuties. How can I not love my life? Say hello to Rhubio, Charlie, and Buddy. :) They are my part-time job, number 2.

Keep calm, and travel on.

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