Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So long, Farewell

Lori leaves tonight for Tulsa, and is off to the Riviera Maya first thing in the morning for the GIVC Awards, and of course, a short vacation. We will miss her while she is gone, but we shall also be mildly jealous. I mean, can you blame us?

The newly wed Davidson's returned from their honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas last week. They gave rave reviews of the RIU Santa Fe, and couldn't have been happier about their stay. Which obviously makes me one happy agent! One honeymoon down, millions to go!

Tracee also leaves for a break soon. She heads for Jamaica in November to learn all about the new Sandals Wedding program. I'm stuck here in Fayetteville for the foreseeable future, but, I guess there could be worse places, right?

Judy and Tina, our outside agents, have been very busy these past months. Don't forget about utilizing the skills of professionals for your next vacation. The advice and guidance of experts can make all the difference in the world. Trust me when I say that staying at the wrong hotel, or eating at the wrong restaurant, can easily ruin a once of a life time trip!

Charles and Prue are handsome/fabulous pumpkins this year for Halloween. Charles is more photogenic, so I snapped this picture over the weekend when he was trying on his costume. While Prudence adores her new wardrobe, Charles sadly prefers to remain Au-natural. This same pumpkin hat was found on the floor promptly after this picture was taken; another victim of Charles' wrath. Charles 1, Halloween 0.

Well travelers, that is all I have to report for now.

Keep calm, and travel on. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Through the Looking Glass

Price is everything...or is it? Take a look at this article for an eye opening view of the Travel Agent's mind-set.

Friday is almost here! Tomorrow, Destinations will be rockin' our Razorback apparel and celebrating with a Gusano's complementary pizza lunch from Airways Freight. Aren't our lives just hard? Please pity us, and forgive us of our incessant whining.

Halloween parties commence this weekend. Do you have a killer costume picked out and ready to go? This girl is going as "Sailor Mars" from my childhood days. Probably couldn't be more excited.

My children (four legged) have their very first vet appointment today. I'm one nervous momma. :/ What do I do if they aren't 100% perfect and healthy?! Someone hand me the brown paper bag now...breathe...

Keep calm, and travel on.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Another exciting day here at Destinations.

Europe is on the brain today! Already two new clients have called to start planning their trips overseas this morning.

I, personally, have taken on two new honeymoons this past week. :) Congrats to all the future newlyweds out there.

Charles managed to lock himself in the upstairs bathroom yesterday. Apparently he got bored during his stay in the lavatory, and decided to eat everything in sight. I am now out two toothbrushes, a toilet bowl cleaner, a hair brush, and the toilet paper roll-holder-thing. I give fair warning now, while bloodhounds might be incredibly cute and smart, I advise you to go for the less-intelligent dogs. (They don't get too bored when locking themselves in small areas). Prue, of course, was sitting patiently on the couch when I arrived home, with no household victims to speak of.

Speaking of the animals, I need to call the vet. Have you all taken your critters to have a check-up lately?

How many horses can you fit into one stall? heehee.

Look at those cuties. How can I not love my life? Say hello to Rhubio, Charlie, and Buddy. :) They are my part-time job, number 2.

Keep calm, and travel on.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Morning Schmorning

It looks like it's 8 p.m. outside. Such a gross, cloudy, rainy day. But, at least it's the beginning of the weekend.

Last night was the awards ceremony for the Best of the Best of NWA, where Destinations was awarded the title "Best Travel Agency!" We greatly appreciate the recognition, and feel grateful for your unending support!

Kentucky makes its way to Fayetteville tonight to face off against the Hogs. Make sure to wear your Razorback Red tomorrow, and to call them Hogs! We have to stay supportive of our boys, y'all!

My first clients leave for their vacation Monday morning. I'm excited to hear how everything goes, and hopefully there are no hiccups!

Are you all prepared for Halloween? I just got done ordering my ridiculous black wig. This is most definitely the best time of the year. So many holidays just crammed packed into 4 glorious months.

The Newsletter will be out next week. Keep an eye on your inbox. ;)

Keep calm, and travel on!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Gimp

I hope no one is aboard the MSC Orchestra cruising in Europe.

Why? Because all of the 2,723 are being treated for meningitis after an outbreak has reached its decks. While not all passengers have fallen ill, treatment is being administered for precautionary purposes. You can read more here.

Our MLT Rep Kim, and and a representative from Melia Resorts stopped by this morning. We had lots of laughs and stories to tell. Make sure to call today to book your Christmas or Spring Break vacation!

Today I am limping around the office. I fell off a horse yesterday while riding. My hip very much hates me right now. If you have the extra time, or energy, send healing vibes this way, please. :)

Biofreeze, Asprin, and ice are my best friends right now.

Yesterday I had my first in-office meeting with a client. We discussed a Royal Caribbean Cruise and a trip to Universal Studios. This family is super pumped about their July vacation, as am I!

I hope everyone is enjoying this fall weather. I know I am.

Keep calm, and travel on.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm baaaack.

It's been such wonderful week, hasn't it? Bookings left and right, and the weather is finally feeling like fall!

It's all sweaters and scarves here at Destinations, and honestly, I couldn't be happier. My heart belongs to Autumn. Mmmm. :)

The Spring breakers are officially rolling in. Lori is working on a rather large group for a Razorback Athletic team. I'll let you guess which sport! Can anyone say "Viva la Mexico!"

I'm personally working on a family cruise at the moment, and finalized a honeymoon last week!

I'm gonna mix up the animal posting for today. Don't tell Charles and Prue though, I don't know how they would handle it.

Meet Rhubio:

He belongs to a friend of mine, but I get the honor of training him. He's obnoxious, but aren't all the animals in my life that way? I'm destined to have difficult creatures in my life forever. At least he's totes adorbs. Haha. (Totally adorable, for those of us now up on the hip lingo of the kiddos).

There are so many cruise options, my goodness. How anyone can choose just ONE is crazy! And so many different choices even within the same cruise line! I have a lot to try and memorize.

Oye vey.

Keep calm, and travel on. 

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