Monday, May 24, 2010

Melinda + Erik's Punta Cana Wedding

Melinda and Erik tied the knot May 5th on the beautiful shores of Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. They were joined by many friends who wanted to celebrate their special day. Best Wishes to you guys! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Savvy Traveler

Let's face it, preparing for vacation can be stressful and chaotic. Have you caught yourself in a rush going over your list on the way to the airport? Did I get the passports out of the safe? I hope our flight is on time, I forgot to check the status. It can be overwhelming as you prepare to get away for some much needed rest & relaxation.

Following some tips from seasoned travelers will help you stay organized and start your trip off on the right foot:
  • Make a packing list
  • Make photo copies of your passport. Leave one copy behind in a safe place. Pack another in your checked luggage. This serves as a safety net in the event you lose your passport or it is stolen.
  • Pack some snacks. That granola bar will save your life when you are in line to get through immigration and it's already been 1 hour.
  • Check the status of your flight 24 hours prior to departure. 
  • Check out for all your carry-on liquid needs. Remember to put them in your quart size Ziploc bag.
  • Pack twice as much sunscreen as you think you'll need (it's expensive when you are on the resort).
  • Pack extra batteries for your camera. You can't afford to miss out on photo opps!
  • Take small bills such as ones and fives to tip.
  • Pack some clothes in your carry on luggage. If your checked bag doesn't make it, you can still enjoy yourself.
  • Contact your credit card provider to let them know you'll be traveling out of the country and inquire about foreign transaction fees.
  • Use your in-room safe for any valuables such as cell phones, iPods, wallets, passports, etc.
  • Be flexible.
Have fun in paradise!
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