Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This week is going to be interesting.

Tracee is having fun in the sand in Jamaica this week, and Lori is out of the office as well. To the rescue are Tina and Judy (our outside agents) to step in and help out this week. After all, no one likes to be alone. We navigated through a potential disaster yesterday, nabbed a couple of new clients, and ended on a successful note! We may have found the new dream team.

Last week was a win for Kristin. I booked my most luxurious Honeymoon yet, and this week I'm even working on a new honeymoon to Bora Bora! Starting off this week with some excitement!

This cold weather has everyone in a shock. The office was 54 degrees yesterday morning! I was shivering for the first hour while the heater worked its little engine heart out to heat up the room. But now we are toasty and warm. :)

Also, the snack machine was re-stocked this week. Glory, glory.

Keep calm, and travel on. 

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